The Magic of Christmas?

Christmas is many things, but there’s one aspect of it that you don’t hear much about in the consumerism-obsessed, slick advert-soaked world of the media.

I’m sure though that it’s one that most parents will be aware of: that extra little weapon it adds to our armoury in aiding our  little darlings in their eternal battle between Good and Naughty:

“Father Christmas is watching!”

“You’d better watch out, you’d better think twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice: Santa Claus is coming to town”

Harsh but useful!

Is there ever a more effective deterrent to Naughtiness than the threat of removal of presents? Not here!

Painting on the walls? “That’s 1 less present for Ellie in Santa’s sack!”

Stealing your sister’s toy? “Jake: Father Christmas is watching!”

It’s amazing the effect this can have!

In the run-up to Christmas we had quite a contrast here: Ellie often seemed hell-bent on being as naughty as she could, whereas Jake was on a mission to be good.

Even after being naughty he’d announce that he was trying to be as good as he can, all the time!

I do wonder if it was just that he’s a bit more savvy & socially aware: he hasn’t been quite so well-behaved in 2014…

As for Ellie: all I can say is that her sack from Santa must have had a huge number of presents to start with, given the number of times we had to threaten their removal!

So Ellie was misbehaving somehow or other; I can’t remember exactly how. We did the usual “Santa’s watching: I think that’s another present he’s taken out of your sack”.

Up steps Jake, seeming very concerned at his sister’s plight:

“Ellie, you can have my presents if you lose any by being naughty, because I love you”, then gives her a big hug.


He really was on a mission to be Good. And I do think it was genuine.

We may slipped in an extra gift or 2 in his sack from Santa…

And Ellie got exactly the same number of presents she would have anyway: just don’t tell her that, OK? At least not for a few years…

For more Magic Moments just click the pic:


8 thoughts on “The Magic of Christmas?”

  1. Bless him, but it sounds like you’ve got some fun times ahead with your little lady 😉 I find the problem is post xmas the threat of the Easter Bunny bringing fewer Easter eggs is not as effective!
    Popping over from #MagicMoments

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