Does Hogworts take 3-year-olds then?

Jake had found one of his magic wands; he loves pretending to be a witch / wizard (yes, I’ve tried explaining; he doesn’t care!) & doing Magic.

He’d been using it to do magic spells on the Mummy, while she was preparing dinner.

Says the Mummy, jovially: “I hope you weren’t trying to turn me into a frog!”

Straight away he responded, quite matter-of-factly:

“No, I just wanted you to go away”.


Well, at least his cheek comes with a sense of humour, I suppose…

Also, I think the spell he’s looking for is “Expelliarmus”, but it’s probably best not to tell him that yet – just in case it actually works!

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16 thoughts on “Does Hogworts take 3-year-olds then?”

  1. This is so cute. I love Harry Potter. Look forward to my two being old enough to watch it. I daresay a lot of Mommy’s are receiving spells from their children. Even my two year old say cheeky things and I wonder, does he actually know he is being cheeky. Too funny.

    1. OH especially is a big Harry Potter fan here too. I’m more into Lord of the Rings but I have enjoyed the films: they got better as the series went on, & I’ve lost track & plan to watch them all in order 🙂

      I’m still not sure if he was being cheeky or not – it’s hard to tell sometimes isn’t it?

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