Flashback Friday: In the Deep, Dark, Dank Caves

Flashback Friday: perfect for those posts that you meant to write at the time but just didn’t manage to!

I have rather a lot of those…

Back in August we had a great day out at a ‘Dinosaur Park’. It’s actually part of Wales’ National Showcaves Centre & what I didn’t have time to post about then was our actually walking through the caves there as well.

They’re quite something!


First of all I was very impressed by how good Jake & Ellie were at clambering about. Although the rocky paths are mostly carved into stairs they were often steep, & also could be wet & slippery. They seemed to have discovered their ‘inner goat’. Or something. With a little help from us when needed, of course.

Descending deep into the bowels of the Earth…
…and climbing back up again
Babes in the Cave?

Taking photos wasn’t easy. It was all very moody & atmospheric so I was determined to try to use the caves’ available light. I didn’t want to blast it away with a flash, so I spent a lot of time standing very still, legs apart at just the right angle, holding my breath, camera cupped from underneath & held as steadily as possible! A lot of the photos were still too blurry to use but I’m pleased that some of them at least came out OK.

Being a big Tolkien fan I half expected to see a giant spider as we descended into the depths, but fortunately there wasn’t one. At least that I saw!

I did see this fella though, looking very relaxed:


He’s 1 of the 2 intrepid Victorian chappies, brothers I believe, who discovered & first entered the caves. Brave, tough men!

The 2nd of the 3 caves was even more spectacular.


The lighting was obviously different, & gave everything a beautiful golden glow. I think my camera may have exaggerated the colours but it did look amazing. Again, I didn’t want to spoil the effect by blasting it away with flash, but it was bright enough so that I could get some reasonably sharp images.




These photos are of ‘The Cathedral’, a huge cavern full of waterfalls; apparently very popular as a wedding venue!

Getting in & out again was fun – you had to move quickly past the cascading water before you got really wet from the spray!


There were many more weird & wonderful rock formations like these, including stalactites & stalagmites, but I couldn’t get any decent pictures of them; maybe next time.

By the end of the 2nd cave we were all a bit soggy & tired, especially Jake & Ellie, so we decided to leave the last cave for another time.

We all really enjoyed this; something a bit different! I love a good cave clamber, & it was great that the twins seemed to as well.

And we’ll be back!

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17 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: In the Deep, Dark, Dank Caves”

  1. The caves look so beautiful lit in coloured light. Well done for getting some photographs as I think I would really have struggled in those conditions #countrykids

  2. i cannot wait to take the boys to see a cave i think our nearest ones are Wooky Hole which i have not been to since I was a teenager. I have been to some in France and one on one if the Gree Islands which were massive and very impressive to see.
    Your photos are great and well worth the time and effort they took to capture
    thank you for sharing x x

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