How to Get Through a Car Breakdown With Young Children

I’m speaking from experience here! I had the great misfortune of breaking down 3x in 2 weeks at Christmas, each time having to be rescued by the AA.

The 3rd time was the most concerning as I had Jake & Ellie with me. We were heading off to soft play in the Astra, & it just didn’t feel right: its usual acceleration just wasn’t there. It felt suspiciously like the little car did before its clutch failed (breakdown #1). Unfortunately I was right.

They’d fallen asleep anyway, & I decided to turn around & go back home. There was a hill though;  a long one. Try as we might the car just wouldn’t make it! The best I could do was to stop on the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway, just past the slip road. Hazard lights on, of course.

It was a bad time to break down: the Saturday between Christmas & New Year. People were no doubt busy rushing around to & from the shops for the big sales so I expect the day could have been a contender for “No. 1 Breakdown Day of the Year”! I was assured when I ‘phoned that with young children, late in the day & on a dual carriageway that we were a priority, but that there would still be a bit of a wait.

They slept for a bit longer but soon woke up, groggy & confused. I explained as best as I could that the car had broken down & that we were waiting for a man with a van to rescue us, & that he would get here as soon as he could.

They were brilliant, & seemed to take it all in their stride. I think they like a bit of an adventure!

I knew I had to find a way to keep them occupied & free from panic. Some music would have been great but for some reason the radio / CD player wasn’t working, so I had a rummage around in the boot to see what I could find.

I got lucky! I found some useful supplies, left over from Christmas.

They were essential, and without them I think Jake & Ellie may have become quite restless, scared & upset.

I’d already had to reassure them several times that we were going to be OK, & that help was on the way.

So what did I find that was so helpful?

Toys and chocolate.

Obvious, really, but they did the trick!

There was a big talking, moving Tree Fu Tom action figure for Jake, & a similar Fairy Mermaid one for Ellie.

Plus a bag of chocolate Santas, which under the circumstances I felt justified in rationing out freely!

Despite everything I was suddenly very popular! Although it was a while before they would trust me to drive a car again…

After a good bit of playing, chatting & chocolating the AA man turned up, did some running repairs & carefully towed us to the garage. From there we got a taxi home & all was well. Although for some reason they didn’t want much dinner…

All part of life’s rich tapestry!

This is a sponsored post; however all opinions & words – even the long ones – are my own


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