A Post About Davina McCall

Davina McCall.

When she presented Big Brother I used to find her very annoying. All those OTT mannerisms & that wacky enthusiasm! It seemed very manufactured to me.

Having said that, past the 1st series or 2 I found BB itself very annoying: just full of Fake.

She seems to pop up on a lot of charity events these days; Red Nose Day, for instance, where she both presented on the day & reported from communities in Ghana who were in need of or who were benefitting from aid.

I saw her on the news yesterday, as she was preparing to swim over Lake Windermere to raise funds for Sports Relief. It was part of a 7-day, 500 mile triathlon she’s doing.

She was terrified! Shaking with fear, crying.

With good reason: that water would have been very, very cold.

I watched as the 46-year-old Mum of 3 settled herself, conquered her fears, plunged into the icy water & began to swim.

And she did it!

Once out she had to be treated for hypothermia. But she did it.

And she’s going to complete her triathlon as planned, with a 65-mile cycle ride.

So Davina: you can be as annoying as you like now; I don’t care.

You’re Awesome


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