The Princess and the Poo

Jake was heading on upstairs & asked for my company.

What that actually means is that he wanted me to play music from ‘Frozen’ on my ‘phone while he had a poo. That’s become something of a tradition here. 

After ‘Frozen Heart’ (his favourite) & a little ‘For the First Time in Forever’ Ellie decided to join us.

“Hello Ellie”

“I’m not Ellie, my name is Shakora”

I don’t even know where she gets this one from.

Oh, hello Shakora. Are you a Princess?”

It was a good guess; she usually is. Plus she was wearing her best party dress.

“Yes, I’m a Princess, and I used to live in a castle but then a wicked witch came & took me away”

That sounds a lot like the plot of ‘Tangled’ but I’m pretty sure the Princess there was called Rapunzel.

“Oh. That’s terrible!”

Time was timing, & it was very near their bedtime.

“Jake, have you finished your poo?”

“I’m not Jake, I’m Shakora, no….Sha, um, I’m, um, Shak.., I’m Shak… umm…”

“OK then, have you f…”

“I’m Shak…. um…”


“No, I’m Shak…, Sha…, I’m,  um…”

I had a feeling that if he didn’t figure out his name soon I would be asking Mr. Guinness to change that bit in his book about the world’s longest poo.


“No, Shak..,  I’m, um…”


“No. I’m…”





OK, I made those last 2 up. But it would have been funny.

“So, um, have you finished your…”


I never did find out what his name was. He did tell me he though that he was a Prince, & that I was the Prince’s Daddy. Which is nice.

By this time Princess Shakora had got a bit bored & had gone out into the hall, where she had plonked herself on her back & was shouting out that she needed to be rescued.

Prince Sha-whateverhisnameis, with a great chivalrous cry, suddenly decided he had now finished his poo & leapt up valiantly!

He was decent enough to do the necessaries before charging forth, I must add. He is a Prince after all!

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6 thoughts on “The Princess and the Poo”

  1. Oh thank goodness! Would be awful to catch your prince with his pants down on the most romantic day of your life!

    It must be brilliant to have a boy and a girl to play both roles. Cushy job Daddy! 😉

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