A Taste of Spring!

What a strange day it was yesterday!

For the first time in months, a) it wasn’t raining, b) there wasn’t much wind, c) it wasn’t too cold, & d) there was that strange stuff about that I remember referring to as “Sunshine”!

We had a ton of things to do at home but we knew that the weather wasn’t supposed to last so we made the most of it & headed out for the some Fun in the Sun!

We went to a nearby playground, the biggest & most central one here. It’s terrific, but unfortunately – unlike our last 2 houses – probably a little too far away to be within walking distance.

We had a great time! Unsurprisingly it was packed full & Jallie met & played with a couple of friends from pre-school, scooting around &  enjoying the swings, doughnut, climbing frame & slides.

They then spotted some older kids outside, scooting on paths around bowling greens next to the playground. They had to join in, of course.

We managed to steer them away from getting clattered, then to the path around a disused green where – most importantly – there were spare benches to sit on. In the sun.

I should have taken some photos, but to be honest I was too busy sitting in the sun. And of course keeping an eye on our little darlings to make sure they didn’t zoom out of sight.

Back at home before dinner I took the chance to go out in the garden, a rarity! I actually went out just to clear up recycling that been blown around, but the twins followed me out.

Perhaps inspired by the Olympics they decided to go racing, Ellie on the ‘Zooey the Zebra’:


and Jake on ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’


And they’re off!


After each circuit we had a little ceremony, with pretend medals awarded & anthems hummed, badly.

A little pit-stop


then back into the action:



The next event was the Trampoline.


Not sure here whether they’re hugging or fighting: possibly both!

Jake got some good height on his go


He even managed to throw in some cool disco moves, moving so fast my camera couldn’t even pick him up!


Then it was Ellie’s turn, although Jake needed some prompting to let her get on:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But once on she too showed great form!


No medals here: I was calling it a draw, plus it was getting cold & dark, & was nearly time for our fish’n’chips dinner!

It’s cold & wet again today, but we enjoyed our day in the sun, hopefully the first of many more to come.

PS: they’re getting a climbing frame for their birthday next month, but don’t tell them, OK? Thanks.

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10 thoughts on “A Taste of Spring!”

  1. Great to hear you took full advantage of the sunshine and had some great fun at the park and in the garden! I’m sure they will have lots of fun together with their climbing frame. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun in the garden. I love watching kids racing up and down on the patio. My kids are getting a climbing frame for their birthday next month too (but don’t tell them either ) 😉
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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