Memories, Old & New

Blog posts can take many forms. There are quick ones, funny ones, photo posts, wordy posts, posts for others.

Then there are those posts where you write from the heart, when you feel moved enough that you have something you really want to say.”Blackberries” was one of those posts.

Those first 2 years in what I still think of as our home, when I was with Jake & Ellie nearly all the time, weren’t without their difficulties but hold so many precious memories. Like picking blackberries together.

The next year or so in Wales, stuck in a too-small house while they were spending increasingly more time away from me, also has many wonderful memories, but was difficult.

That realisation that children generally don’t remember much of their lives before they are 2 was a poignant one, & really hit home. Are those memories just mine, not even shared with the little ones who made them with me?!

Now they’re nearly 4, at pre-school full-time, & are getting settled in the new family home. I love how they’re growing up, & although there’s less of it – & even though they can often be tired & grumpy – I (mostly!) still love the time we spend together. But I do miss those blackberries.



I showed Jake the ‘Blackberries’ post & talked with him about it. Looking at the photos he said he remembered! He is very sociable & likes to please, but I do think he does, at least partially.

Then at bedtime I was talking to Ellie about how I used to sing her to sleep, & she wanted to do it again. We lay down on the bed together & I sang her 1 of my old songs. She lay stock still & & closed her eyes, with a smile on her face, looking for all the world as if she was peacefully fast asleep. Made my heart melt.

But how she’s changed! She then decided that it was my turn & insisted that we swap. I had to lay my head on the pillow & close my eyes, then she very sweetly sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to me. It worked, too; I actually felt quite sleepy!

Magic; pure Magic.

So maybe they remember more than I give them credit for. They definitely want to.

And this makes me happy.

For more Magic Moments just click the pic:


6 thoughts on “Memories, Old & New”

  1. We’ve moved house quite a few times since my twins were born and I always find it strange that they don’t remember our home where they lived for the first two years which was such a special place for me. This lovely lovely post has brought many of those memories back. #magicmoments

    1. It really does! I’m always amazed that they don;t even seem to recall what they did at pre-school, but every now & then they come up with a memory that I’m shocked & delighted that they’ve retained. Thanks 🙂

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