Colour Me Madd

We were at soft-play. Jake & Ellie were having fun, but had been up & down the night before with coughs & so had a bit less energy than usual. This, as it did today, often results in their being a bit more clingy, & wanting to sit or play with me more than usual.

I’d got roped in to going down the slide with them, 1 one each knee: they thought this was a great wheeze!

We were heading up around for our 3rd go; I was in front, then Jake, who plonked himself on my right leg.

When she arrived Ellie wasn’t having it!

“No! I want the orange one!”

Huh?! A moment’s confusion, then the penny dropped…

In what is probably the last remnant of the “Sticking it to The Man” rebellion of my youth – I was wearing odd socks!

She’s very fussy about colours: the orange sock was probably the nearest I had to her beloved pink…

So Jake – who’s being very good about all this –  gets picked up & plonked back down behind me, Ellie climbs on Orange, Jake gets on Blue, & away down we go: the mad multi-coloured Dad & his equally bonkers twins!

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