Well, we’ve had an active, busy time over the last week’s half-term break!

That’s partly why I’ve been inactive here & on twitter: busy or out & about during the day, tired by night! I’ve become very good at falling asleep on the sofa in front of TV.

We’ve been out to the country park, soft play, fun farm. playground, gym & swimming pool, as well their usual Saturday morning dance class and just mucking about at home.

Friday though was probably the highlight: a trip out to Folly Farm – an hour & half’s drive, but worth it! We tried to pick the driest & least cold day so they could enjoy some outdoor as well as indoor fun, but the weather again let us down.

Because of that we headed straight for the barn where, after milking the plastic cows, Ellie somewhat nervously said hello to the kids.


She also loved feeding straw to the ponies; I was busy making sure her fingers didn’t get nibbled so didn’t manage to take any photos. She & Jake were very excited too to see some newborn chicks there, just out of their eggs!

Then to the indoor fun fair!

They’ve always been brave & adventurous. Even a year ago here they wanted to go on the massive Helter Skelter even though they were much too small to be allowed. On our last visit they asked to go on the big wheel & to our surprise not only were not at all scared – far less than me, in fact, with my dislike of heights –  but they really loved it!

Not only are they that much more bold now but I think they also must have grown a little – just enough to be at about the right height to go on rides that they previously couldn’t.

It feels like a sort of Graduation. They’re growing up!

They both wanted to go on the Dodgems. We were nervous. They were insistent. They won.

And I’m glad! They both absolutely loved it, & so did I! It brought back childhood memories of my own of zooming around in dodgem cars & smashing into everyone I could. Now of course as a responsible Daddy (more or less) I was a little less violent this time around…

My ‘phone doesn’t seem to pick up action shots too well & the Mummy isn’t very familiar with it so sadly we couldn’t get any decent photos, but trust me: it was great fun!


Even the Ghost Train didn’t faze them. Once was enough for Ellie, but Jake did it 3 times & would have gone again (and again, and again…) if we hadn’t directed him on to something else. “I wasn’t scared of ANYTHING!” he declared excitedly.

They were eyeing up The Jet. It even made me a little nervous.


2-person jet seats on long arms rotating around a central hub, which you can make zoom up & zoom down. It goes very fast & very high! Again, they not only weren’t scared but really loved it; in fact it was Ellie’s favourite ride!

Then we saw The Caterpillar. A circular train with 2-seater carriages. It starts averagely fast, then goes up & down as if going over small hills. Then it gets even faster, very very fast! Jake was pushed right up against me by the centripetal force (yes, I checked), squashing me against the side. Then just when you think it couldn’t get any hairier they only go & put a cover over it, so you’re zooming around, up & down, really fast, in the dark!

This one was actually a bit too much for Ellie – but was Jake’s favourite! I loved it as well, although I most enjoyed the Dodgems.

To our surprise they still wanted to do some of the ‘baby rides’, as well as the Carousel. After many rides, lunch, another great magic show & some adventure play it was time to go.

Heading outside we were surprised to find that it was dry & sunny! Jake & Ellie very helpfully reminded us that we had promised them a ride on the big wheel so off we went, & again enjoyed it.

It was late, & unfortunately for us we had to go past the big sandpit full of mini diggers & farm vehicles on the way out. There was no way they were walking past that without a play! It seemed churlish not to so we relented, & they had a great time.

They fell asleep straight away in the car; we got home late, and having had a good lunch, we just took them upstairs & straight to bed.

Meanwhile we were feeling like our little twins were once again not quite so little…

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4 thoughts on “Graduation?”

  1. They sound like two adventurous daredevils! It’s great that they have the confidence to try all these rides – they obviously had a wonderful time and wore themselves out in the process. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  2. gosh your two are certainly action seekers!! i dont think i would be brave enough for half those rides! it does sound like fun was had by all though 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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