The Gallery: Adventure

They’re 4.

I still don’t know how that happened; it doesn’t seem so long ago that they were cute, gurgling, helpless little babies.

And yet it seems a lifetime ago.

But they’re 4.

Their journey into childhood, on life’s great adventure, continues.

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They’ve come so far. They know their letters & numbers; they’re taking their first steps towards reading & writing. Their computer skills are in some ways even better than Mummy & Daddy’s!

Their artistic skills have progressed hugely: they can colour-in accurately & creatively, & now love arts & crafts activities where they can actually make things.

They’re lively, confident & sociable  – to the envy of their parents! – and have a great little circle of friends, mostly from pre-school. You can reason with them, have proper little conversations with them, even on the ‘phone. Their understanding of the world around them is so much greater now. They’re so much more patient than they used to be.

They’re dressing & undressing themselves , & are starting to (try to!) select their own clothes.

Physically they constantly surprise me with their suppleness, balance, strength, speed & bravery. For some time now they’ve been able to  do many things that I now can’t!

They’ve come so far, yet have so far to go. What does the future hold?

The Great Adventure continues!

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