Jake & Ellie turned 4 & we had a party!

Somewhat surprisingly it’s the first proper party we’ve held for them. Up until now they’ve just had quiet affairs with family: at 1 or 2 they were probably too young to appreciate a good knees-up anyway, & last year for their 3rd we’d only recently moved here to Wales & didn’t really know enough people to invite!

They’re very sociable now, especially since going to pre-school. We invited everyone in their class & a few others they’re friendly with from other classes & groups.

We hired a good-sized church hall & it’s just as well, as nearly everyone we’d invited turned up, plus the odd sibling or 3: many more than we’d had replies, which I hear is pretty typical.

Jake & Ellie were happy to turn up early while we were setting up, & enjoyed an early boogie!



It was fancy dress, of course! Ellie went as Tinkerbell, & Jake of course was a Wizard.


As we got up & running there was a steady flow of eager children & their parents. most in fancy dress. They joined Jake & Ellie on the dance floor (not the parents, although that might have been nice!), then it was time for some entertainment!

Kelly & Debbie put on a great show for everyone. There were party games like pass the parcel, then a skilful & funny magic show. They’re both big fans of the magic shows we’ve seen at Folly Farm so we made sure they’d have 1 for their party.



They of course enjoyed being called up to help with the magic!

After that there was a Little Red Riding Hood themed puppet show – which, despite his love of magic – Jake later said was his favourite bit.

Then: lunch!



Mother-in-law had worked incredibly hard in making all the food herself, then getting it here to Wales on the day all the way from Middlesex: amazing! And it was all delicious!

After that there was more crazy kid dancing, cake & excellent face-painting – which went down very well



Then sadly it was time for the party to end, children sent on their way with animal balloons & party bags expertly selected by the Mummy, a good time, I hope, had by all.

For some though the best was yet to come: Ellie told us later that her favourite part was stomping on the balloons while we were clearing up!

It’s great being 4!

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3 thoughts on “Party!”

  1. Massive massive belated birthday to them both!! it looks like they had an amazing party! Joshua is 3 in a couple of weeks and we know it will be the last year we can get away without a friend party .. i have to say Jake and Ellie’s looked super so i may have to hire you in!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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