4-Year-Old Funees

They’ve been in good form recently! Must be something to do with this ‘turning 4’ thing.

Jake & I were having scooter races in the garden; Ellie would normally join in but she was trying to get her ‘baby’ (dolly) asleep in the swing.

He’s fast, & was winning most of the time. Have you tried cornering in 1 of those things? Not easy!

The times I was winning were when I had a bit of a ‘head start’. Hey, it’s not my fault if he’s too slow off the mark!

Even then though I was out of luck: he’d shout “I’m pausing the game! I’m pausing the game!”. That meant I had to stop.

That Temple Run has a lot to answer for…

We were hoping to go to the playground but, for (very good) reasons which I can’t remember, didn’t make it. Ellie was a little disappointed & still wanted to go.

Jake was helping her out by telling her that if she wanted to go to the park all she had to do was click her heels together & say “There’s no place like park!”

Have I mentioned that ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is 1 of their favourite films?

I had to admire his creative thinking, & association of ideas!

The in-laws are here helping out while the Mummy is recovering from some routine surgery, & MIL was getting Ellie’s breakfast ready.

“You are such a beautiful girl!” MIL said, as MILs are often wont to do.

Ellie’s response? “If you say that again I’ll go mad.”

Not exactly what we were expecting!

Apparently though she was actually referring to MIL’s repeatedly asking if she wanted sprinkles on her porridge: still funny though!

4-year-olds are funee!

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