Getting Crafty for Mummy

We were sent a crafting kit by Family Investments for us to make something nice for Mothers Day. When it arrived I was really surprised: it’s a very generous selection!

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I actually felt slightly under pressure to do it justice! Jake & Ellie have only recently really got into crafting, & they’re still only 4. They however were just excited!

1-DSCN0428 “Let’s make something!” they kept shouting.

Although the idea was to make Mother’s Day cards I knew that were already making one with their Grandmother, & that they’d probably also do something at pre-school.

The Mummy has had a minor operation this last week, so it seemed instead a perfect opportunity to make something nice to take in for her when we went to see her in hospital for the first time as she recovered.

I wanted it to be all their own work, their ideas, without any direction or embellishment from me. That way what they make is authentic, purely from them, not just something ‘Daddy’s got them to do’.

They really enjoyed this; it’s probably the best crafting they’ve done, & they had a lot of great stuff to work with. The sparkly jewels were a favourite, & I had to referee strictly to ensure they didn’t fight over who got the last ones!

Look at them admiring their creations! 1-DSCN0429   1-DSCN0430 It made me happy & proud to see the pleasure & pride they took in what they’d made. 1-DSCN0431 1-DSCN0436

Disclosure: Jake & Ellie each have Child Trust Funds with Family Investments, &  – in a former life – I once worked for them! They contacted me via this blog however & were not aware of either of these facts; I try to keep my online identity anonymous. 

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