Mmmm: Crunchy!

Conversations here seem to be getting more surreal by the day.

Jake & Ellie have figured out that we can be more relaxed on what they or we  eat when unwell: depending on what the malady is, of course. Not being so insistent on their eating if they don’t want to, extra treats where appropriate: that sort of thing.

“We can eat anything when we’re poorly can’t we?”

“Well, not quite anything”


A brief pause.


“Um, I suppose so, if you wanted to, & if they had them in the shops”

“Dead lizards?”

“You want to eat live ones?!”  – we didn’t say.

“Um, I guess so…” was about all we could manage.

Thankfully that’s where the conversation ended. I think the new ‘Sooty’ was about to start.

Where they get this stuff from I do not know!

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6 thoughts on “Mmmm: Crunchy!”

  1. I had an odd conversation with my eldest the other day, although it wasn’t food related. She asked If I’d been in the army. I made clear I hadn’t. “What about David Lee Roth?” came the reply.

    I really didn’t know how to answer that!

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