The Science Lesson

It was Easter Sunday & we were chilling out after a typically active day, watching ‘Despicable Me’ on TV.

Gru was zooming towards the moon in his rocket (to steal it, of course) when Jake noticed that bits of the rocket were falling off as it left the Earth. He thought it was broken & that Gru was in trouble.

Cue a Daddy Science Lesson!

Jake is already a fan of science, & wants to be a Scientist when he grows up. Mind you, at 1 point I wanted to be a hairdresser (they seemed to have good social lives), then ended up working in the Post Office – so who knows? 

I tried to explain that a rocket needs most of its power to get away from the Earth, & doesn’t need the same power to go back again, & that’s why it was losing the bits it didn’t need.

I went on to explain that this was because of something called ‘gravity’, which the Earth has, & that the rocket needs a lot of ‘oomph’ to get away out into space.

To illustrate I grabbed the remains of a cream cheese sandwich he’d been eating.

“You see this? The reason it doesn’t just float when I drop it is because of gravity. In space it would just float”.

As a demonstration I dropped it onto the plate.

Ellie, who’d obviously also been paying attention, then joined in.

She picked up the sandwich and – in the interests of Science of course – threw it across the room: Gravity did its thing.

And I had to clean up a glob of cream cheese from off the carpet.


I like to think though that they may have learnt something. In any case, I’ve learnt that the next time I want to be Mr. Educator I should probably demonstrate with something a little less messy!

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