The Princess and the Poo

Jake was heading on upstairs & asked for my company.

What that actually means is that he wanted me to play music from ‘Frozen’ on my ‘phone while he had a poo. That’s become something of a tradition here. 

After ‘Frozen Heart’ (his favourite) & a little ‘For the First Time in Forever’ Ellie decided to join us.

“Hello Ellie”

“I’m not Ellie, my name is Shakora”

I don’t even know where she gets this one from.
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The gift that keeps on giving

My in-laws were here last week & as usual they came bearing gifts.

They gave Jake a remote-controlled robot.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human being so utterly excited & happy.

Apologies for the poor picture quality – lightbulbs & fuseboxes gave out at the same time in the new house & my ‘phone’s camera isn’t great in low light

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Does Hogworts take 3-year-olds then?

Jake had found one of his magic wands; he loves pretending to be a witch / wizard (yes, I’ve tried explaining; he doesn’t care!) & doing Magic.

He’d been using it to do magic spells on the Mummy, while she was preparing dinner.

Says the Mummy, jovially: “I hope you weren’t trying to turn me into a frog!”

Straight away he responded, quite matter-of-factly:

“No, I just wanted you to go away”.


Well, at least his cheek comes with a sense of humour, I suppose…

Also, I think the spell he’s looking for is “Expelliarmus”, but it’s probably best not to tell him that yet – just in case it actually works!

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A Very Christmassy Adventure

We had a great day out on Saturday, & a rare family foray outside! This autumn we’ve all been taking turns catching one lurgi or another; there’s hardly been a time when at least 1 of the twins hasn’t been sick with something or other so we’ve mostly stayed inside where it’s warm & dry!

Saturday however was special – & luckily for us we were all relatively well – because we’d booked to go to our local country park to see Father Christmas feeding his reindeer!
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Saturday is Caption Day: Creative Dressing Up!

Captions please!

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It’s the way that we tell ’em…

It started at our last meal out.

It was a child-friendly restaurant where they had activity sheets to keep the young ones occupied.

They nearly worked…

Along with the usual colouring-in the sheets had a few jokes, which we read out to them.

They laughed. A lot.

Did they understand them? I’m not sure. But they at least understood that they were meant to be funny.

Either way the result is that they’ve starting telling jokes of their own.

They’re hilarious.

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Thankful for Small Mercies?

They came back from pre-school today with stickers.

They like stickers.

Ellie had 1 on her nose & another on her mouth. They very quickly blew away in the strong winds, but she didn’t seem to mind. I found out later that she’d taken 1 from her best friend Rachel* who, unfortunately, wasn’t available for comment.

Jake’s was more conventionally placed, on his jumper.

It said “Mrs Smiley* says I’m a Star”.

When I got the chance I asked him about it, along the lines of: “You must have been really good at school today! Is that right?”


“So what did you do that was so good?”

He paused for thought, although – worryingly – not for that long

“I didn’t hit anyone!”

Well, I suppose that is good…

I’m pretty sure he was joking: he had that big, mischievous smile on his face, & when I ask him what he did at school I almost always get “Not anything!”.

However I may need to have a word with this Mrs Smiley*…

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And even the slightly shifty.

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What happens when you give the ‘phone to a 3-year-old

Jake & Ellie both love their Nanny – my wife’s Mum – and enjoy talking to her on the ‘phone.

Jake – ever the joker – is quite brief these days: usually just a shouted “Hello, Goodbye!” before running off.

Ellie however likes to ‘chat’, although I only ever get to hear one side of the conversation.

Here’s a recent one:


“Yeah”, smiling & nodding.



“Oh yeah!”


“She has hair on her legs”

(At this point the Mummy turned a funny colour, made a strange noise & nearly said ‘a rude word’, muttering something like “you have to be so careful what you say…”)*



“OK!”, skipping off innocently.

It’s – as they say – good to talk!

Just maybe not so much in the hearing of young children…

* We think she was talking about a girl at pre-school, by the way

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Saturday is Caption Day: Little House on the Scary?


So is anyone else thinking “scary movies”? Captions please!

Our usual host Mammasaurus is STILL on her hol’s so the SatCap linky is today being hosted over at “Cake Photos Life”.  Just click the link to see more SatCap posts or to join in. And, as ever, have fun!