Saturday is a “Too Funky!” Caption Day

The Mummy has had a routine op this week & we were going in to the hospital to see her for the first time.

We brought in chocolates, crisps & fruit, & there was even some left over for Mummy after Jake & Ellie had very kindly helped her eat them…

Ellie & Jake wanted to make a special effort for her. They crafted some beautiful cards for her (more on that later) & dressed up in ‘special outfits’.

Jake – who’s become a bit camera-shy lately – was Mike the Knight, & Ellie was, ummm… actually, I’m not really sure.

A Hippy Rapunzel? The next Pixie Lott / Rita Ora / Paloma Faith?

Whatever she was, she looked pretty funky!

And I’d love to see what captions you could come up with for her!


Then for more captiony fun just click the pic:


Saturday is a “Grrr!” Caption Day


Captions please!

For more captiony opportunities just click the pic:

Saturday is a Hula-Hoopy Caption Day!


Um, aren’t you supposed to eat these things? At least she’s being creative!

Can I have some captions please? Thanks!

For more captiony opportunities just go to Actually Mummy‘s blog, who’s hosting while Mammasaurus is in Tanzania for Sport Relief & International Women’s Day

Saturday is Caption Day: Polystyrene!


Unpacking, polystyrene, young children: need I say more?

At least I had the good sense – this time – to place the action over a bin!

So can you add a caption for this? I’d love to see what you come up with!

Then for more captiony fun just click the pic:

Saturday is “Yeehah!” Caption Day

Perhaps she’s not dressed perfectly for it, but Ellie makes a pretty good little cowgirl, don’t you think?


And if you could complete the picture with a brilliant caption or 3 that would be even better!

Then for more captiony opportunities with the mighty Mammasaurus just click the pic:







Saturday is Caption Day: The Tractor


What’s going on ‘ere then?

Is Jake training to be a motor mechanic? Or just helpfully pointing out why the tractor won’t move? Something else entirely?

I’d love to see what you can come up: captions please!

Then for more captiony fun just click the pic:

Saturday is Caption Day: The Dolly Edition

Spotted on our sofa recently:

1-DSC_04231, 2, 3…Awwww….

But hang on: don’t little girls usually suck their own thumbs, not their dollies’? Maybe there’s something else going on here?

I’m sensing a captioning opportunity: what do you think?

Then for more captiony fun head on over to see the mirthsome Mammasaurus – especially if you like dancing chimps…

Saturday is Caption Day: The Watery Edition

This is from a trip to Cardiff’s Techniquest last week. Playing with Water! And with Buttons! Sounds a bit like  3-year-old Heaven to me!


But can you come up with a witty, profound or just plain silly caption for the picture? I’d love to hear it! Just leave it in the comments below.

Then click on the little boy’s head here & you will be magically transported to the funsome Mammasaurus’ blog for many more pictures crying out for a witty / pithy #satcap caption.