The Story of the LEGO Brick

This is guest post by Alex Johnson

LEGO Company is on the mission of ‘inspiring the builders of tomorrow’, while many dream to work for their offices full of slides and wonder.

The LEGO Company are no strangers to allowing people to see what goes on inside their organisation. With the hit LEGO movie released in February 2014 and their new ‘Brickumentry’, the LEGO group are bigger than ever. While their gender neutral playsets has been developing since 1974, LEGO has reached a peak of their gender neutrality with their new playsets of female scientists.

Most recently they allowed Channel 4 into their head offices and factories in Denmark in a documentary called ‘The Secret World of Lego’, a programme that showed millions of viewers how the LEGO brick has changed the lives of many children and adults.

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The Princess and the Poo

Jake was heading on upstairs & asked for my company.

What that actually means is that he wanted me to play music from ‘Frozen’ on my ‘phone while he had a poo. That’s become something of a tradition here. 

After ‘Frozen Heart’ (his favourite) & a little ‘For the First Time in Forever’ Ellie decided to join us.

“Hello Ellie”

“I’m not Ellie, my name is Shakora”

I don’t even know where she gets this one from.
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Does Hogworts take 3-year-olds then?

Jake had found one of his magic wands; he loves pretending to be a witch / wizard (yes, I’ve tried explaining; he doesn’t care!) & doing Magic.

He’d been using it to do magic spells on the Mummy, while she was preparing dinner.

Says the Mummy, jovially: “I hope you weren’t trying to turn me into a frog!”

Straight away he responded, quite matter-of-factly:

“No, I just wanted you to go away”.


Well, at least his cheek comes with a sense of humour, I suppose…

Also, I think the spell he’s looking for is “Expelliarmus”, but it’s probably best not to tell him that yet – just in case it actually works!

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Wot So Funee?

This really wasn’t my idea – but it was fun anyway

Today it rained, & has been quite cold.

I was taking them to our favourite soft play place but when we arrived it was inexplicably closed, & not for the first time. Only this time there was a “To Let” sign at the front. That’s as disappointing as it is surprising; it’s probably the best soft-play place I’ve ever seen.

I never really managed to convince them it was closed. I kept hearing “Maybe they didn’t know we were coming”, and “We should ‘phone to tell them we’re coming then they’ll open up”. Nonetheless we set off for another soft-play place, although they were still convinced that the first one had moved & that we were going there!

We’ve been there several times & they’re really enjoyed it. Oddly though Jake was adamant he didn’t want to go. I thought he’d change his mind when we got there, but he didn’t!

We ended up going to a local fun farm, which both Jake & Ellie were keen on. Me: less so, mostly as by now it was a 50-minute drive.

But all’s well, etc.: there’s loads to do there & we had a great time, staying most of the day.

They love the adventure play areas, the little car-racing track, being around so many other children, & trying to gate-crash birthday parties!

As I was taking Jake to the loo I saw the door open to the outside attractions, & saw several goats staring in at us hopefully.

“Hey, Jake – look at the goats!”

He looked.

Call it “spontaneous”, call it “speaking without thinking”, call it “stupid”.

Next it was: “I want to go outside to feed the animals”. “Me too!”

Did I mention rain? And cold?

Although they had their raincoats I’d come prepared for nice, warm, dry soft-play, not a muddy farm. No proper raincoat & not-quite-waterproof slip-on shoes.

Oh, well. They enjoyed feeding the goats, even though 1 snatched Ellie’s bag of feed right out of her hand. We “Oohed” & “Aahed” at the fluffy ducks & rabbits, & enjoyed watching the sheep, the little ponies & the pigs.

They insisted on going on the swings, ignoring Daddy’s talk of “wet bottoms”.

Swinging in the Mist

Common sense soon prevailed however, so they disembarked & headed for the tractors. After I actually managed to talk them out of going in the adventure play area!





Actually it was good fun despite the weather.

Although by the time we stopped at the little play-houses – again – & I was asked to “be The Big Bad Wolf” I was starting to get a little grumpy. I politely suggested we go inside…

The ‘inside bit’ is that way, the other side of the fog…


…where we enjoyed some slightly less rural pursuits!


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Dinosaurs! And Magic

We enjoyed our recent visit to the Dinosaur Park.


As well as the obvious Jake & Ellie really enjoyed playing with a baby dinosaur newly emerged from its egg. Ellie in particular: she had to be dragged away protesting as we left! There were also great tube-slides down dinosaurs’ necks which they spent a long time on.

I was quite interested in the sets of standing stones there & their history, but that will probably have to wait until our next visit.


There were certainly plenty of dinosaurs!

This one is Mammasaurus’ Mum, apparently



There was a hidden lake! I was very impressed when Jake identified this as “a crocodile, or an alligator”. A big one!


Watching over Wales?


The watering-hole:


There was also a recreation of a stone-age village there, including a preserved ‘real’ spring held to be sacred by the Druids. People had thrown coins into it & Jake was fascinated by it. I attempted to explain by saying that people believed that when they threw coins into the spring that something magic might happen. So of course I had to produce a coin for him to throw in! He was very excited.

At home that evening I was playing music from my iPod wirelessly from my little bluetooth speakers. Jake wanted to know how the music was coming out of the little box.

After toying with the idea of trying to explain bluetooth technology to a 3-year-old I resorted to the Daddy Pig solution: “It’s magic!”.

I can’t tell you how excited he was! Jumping around the room like a mad thing, he decided that he had made magic: that this was from his throwing the coin into the magic water!

He went to bed a very happy little boy 🙂

Saturday is a Moving Caption Day!

We’ve moved! Finally.

We’re still unpacking & moving stuff between the house & the garage, unpacking boxes, rearranging: all the usual stuff. (By the way, does anyone actually use their garage for cars anymore? They’re just storage space now aren’t they?)

It must be great being a child sometimes: anything is an opportunity for play.

Jake & Ellie both love hiding away in any nook or cranny they can find.

As part of “helping Daddy” Ellie decided to shut herself in the bookcase & “play shopkeepers”.

It’s worth paying her a visit: you can pick up a tasty doughnut for as little as 2p. On the other hand one of her luxury ice-creams might set you back a million hundred pounds!

So what do you think? Can you give this photo a fun caption? As ever I’d love to see what you come up with!

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Let’s catch up!

The last month has been a bit of a strange one here, for me.

A month ago today we moved house, finally escaping from the little place that was only meant to be temporary but in which we ended up staying for over a year.

There’s the usual unpacking & organising, & we’ve only had the internet & ‘phone since Monday.

My routine has changed dramatically too in the last month. I’ve found myself not able to do much in the way of blogging, or tweeting, until late at night – by which time I really just want to watch a bit of telly & go to bed.

That’s a shame as, especially since term break, we’ve been having a very active &, overall, very happy time. In the last week we & the twins have enjoyed a great freeplay session at the children’s gym, a new softplay centre, the circus, the fun farm, a day at Folly Farm, the local holiday park & the beach, as well as their new playground.

Jake & Ellie seem to have changed a lot in the last month too: for the good, I hasten to add!

Every now & then 1 or both of them seems to take a big leap. Being twins they spur each other on too: when 1 sees the other doing something new they want to do it too!

Jake seems to have completely lost his fear of heights: nothing seems to faze him now! I’ve been amazed at what he takes on, & what he can do. The frightened one now is more likely to be me: “Jake, are you sure about that?!”

It’s a telling truth that he – and Ellie – can now do physical things that dear old Dad cannot…

I hope to get back into a habit of regular posting again, including about some of our recent exploits.

In the meantime here’s a lovely scene from ‘our’ new garden. It’s great to finally have the room to eat outside again – not to mention the weather for it!


And yes: Jake shouldn’t be on the table, even for raspberries. In his defence I think he was pretending to be a baby – along with the obligatory “goo-goo” & “gah-gah” noises. That’s been a popular game around here recently for some reason!

Saturday is Caption Day: A New Playground!


Got a caption for this? It can be witty, silly, profound – anything you like!

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And they say the NHS isn’t working!

Dr. Ellie was in the house.

There are a few instruments missing but Jake & Ellie decided that they needed them in bed. And I’m not sure what the carrots are doing there.

She was looking for work & needed a patient.

I was It.

Something got stuck into my ear.

I asked the Doctor, looking suitably concerned, what it said.

“You’re very hot”, she said.

She gave me something to drink, out of what I thought looked like a bottle of pills.

It tasted horrible!

Then there were more tests.

Things were put in my mouth. Jake joined in by injecting something into my chest.

1-DSC00930Then the Doctor became concerned about my knees.

She went in for a close look with her specialist knee-viewing instrument.

After some time, she looked up.

She seemed worried.

“They’ve got fish in them”.

Umm – can I have a second opinion please?

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