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Recently I’ve been writing fan fiction on a gaming site dedicated to my f’avourite ‘video game’, although it’s recently expanded: ‘The Tamriel Vault‘ (formerly ‘The Skyrim Blog’) if you’re interested.

I told Jake and Ellie that I’d been “writing on the Internet, about a game I like to play” and Jake insisted on doing it too.

Here is his story, almost verbatim as he dictated it to me, and with almost no prompting. The italics are my additions.

Personally I think it’s adorable!

I am Jake and I made this story.

I don’t play Minecraft very often. So I play all different games on the Xbox.

I play the ice game (Polar Panic), Mickey Mouse games, Fable 3, Sonic Boom, racing games.

I don’t often play this one but I do play it and it’s called Faery batman.

We do lots of fighting in Fable.

And in the ice one we do lots of pushing ice at bad guys.

In the Mickey Mouse games there’s lots of magic and puzzles and they confuse you.

He’s always insisted that it’s not finished so we may add to it later!

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More Words to Warm a Father’s Heart

It was Jake’s turn to say the magic words that can make this here Daddy very happy.

The Mummy had cooked dinner & I was in the kitchen clearing up, as is my wont.

She & Jake & Ellie were all in the lounge watching TV together.

Suddenly there was the sound of rapidly approaching quick little footsteps…

Then a little voice, shouting

Wait for it…


Yes, they were all watching football. Without me.

And they wanted me to watch it with them!

I was sorely tempted, and as much as I would have loved to accept the gracious invitation as a dutiful Daddy I carried on clearing up after dinner.

I did though get in to the lounge as soon as I could!

To find that they were all now watching Sooty. Apparently the match was very dull.

And anyway my first (sporting) love has always been rugby: I hope to introduce Jake & Ellie to its joys as soon as I can!

So, “Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy!”


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Wot So Funee?
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Well, we’ve had an active, busy time over the last week’s half-term break!

That’s partly why I’ve been inactive here & on twitter: busy or out & about during the day, tired by night! I’ve become very good at falling asleep on the sofa in front of TV.

We’ve been out to the country park, soft play, fun farm. playground, gym & swimming pool, as well their usual Saturday morning dance class and just mucking about at home.

Friday though was probably the highlight: a trip out to Folly Farm – an hour & half’s drive, but worth it! We tried to pick the driest & least cold day so they could enjoy some outdoor as well as indoor fun, but the weather again let us down.

Because of that we headed straight for the barn where, after milking the plastic cows, Ellie somewhat nervously said hello to the kids. Continue reading “Graduation?”

Hook, Line and…

There they are! Aren’t they lovely?  There are even more on the other side!

A marvellous feature of the new house is the plentiful & easily accessible coat hooks by the front door.

Jake & Ellie each have their own hook, & guard them with a territorial ferocity that would rival a wild animal.

When Jake comes in & takes off his coat he carefully hangs it on his hook before going inside. Takes after his Dad…

When Ellie comes in & takes off her coat she drops it any old how on the floor then runs off to play. Takes after her <CENSORED! Ed.>

I’ve been hanging my coat on a hook in the row above theirs; unknown to me however this has been causing ructions!

One evening I saw Jake walk up to the Mummy, then heard him say:

“Mummy, can you tell Daddy not to put his coat over my hook? I can’t hang my coat on it”, then he walked off.

Everyone happy now?

So my smart little boy has deduced that if you want Daddy to do something then you get Mummy to tell him?

He seems to understand the dynamic here!

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done though when I said that to the Mummy…

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The gift that keeps on giving

My in-laws were here last week & as usual they came bearing gifts.

They gave Jake a remote-controlled robot.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human being so utterly excited & happy.

Apologies for the poor picture quality – lightbulbs & fuseboxes gave out at the same time in the new house & my ‘phone’s camera isn’t great in low light

Continue reading “The gift that keeps on giving”

Does Hogworts take 3-year-olds then?

Jake had found one of his magic wands; he loves pretending to be a witch / wizard (yes, I’ve tried explaining; he doesn’t care!) & doing Magic.

He’d been using it to do magic spells on the Mummy, while she was preparing dinner.

Says the Mummy, jovially: “I hope you weren’t trying to turn me into a frog!”

Straight away he responded, quite matter-of-factly:

“No, I just wanted you to go away”.


Well, at least his cheek comes with a sense of humour, I suppose…

Also, I think the spell he’s looking for is “Expelliarmus”, but it’s probably best not to tell him that yet – just in case it actually works!

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

It’s confession time:

I have a bald spot.

I’ve had it for a long time. It’s mine, & it’s going nowhere!

Well, OK: it’s probably going outwards. A bit. Maybe.

It’s not exactly uncommon; I see it in a lot of men.

That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it though.

Yes, I’ve tried that regain stuff: it didn’t work & it left a stain on the pillow. So not only was I unhappy with it but my wife wasn’t too thrilled either.

The thing is, from the front you can’t see it. So as most mirrors I look in show me front on, when I view my ugly mug there I look up top & think “Yes, what a fine head of hair!”. Conveniently forgetting that’s there a big patch of skin back there out of sight.

I do find though that there’s nothing like being outside in the rain without a brolly to jog my memory….

So the other day Jake was sitting on the arm of the sofa, next to me.

Looking down on my head.

“Daddy, why have you got a hole in your head?”

Yes, Jake: thank you for the reminder.

I explained as best as I could.

“So when I’m bigger I’ll have a hole in my head like you Daddy?”

“Yes, Jake: you might.”

He actually seemed pleased about it!

Ah, the innocence of youth….

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Saturday is a Literary Caption Day!


Well, for some of us this is the only chance we get to catch up on the news & it looks like Jake is no exception!

I’d love to see your captions for it: witty, silly, profound – anything you like!

And when you’ve done that just click the little boy’s head for more:

I think I’m in serious danger of being outsmarted by a 2-year-old

Yesterday the twins had a late, long nap so we let them stay up a bit later than usual.

We were having a great time with a music DVD that I’d picked up for a song at the local garden centre –  possibly the best £2.99 I’ve ever spent – but it was time to go to bed.

The Mummy & Ellie had gone upstairs & I was right behind them. Jake however – as usual – didn’t want to stop what he was enjoying doing & was refusing to go with us.

So he called up to me: “Daddy! Come downstairs!”.

“No, Jake: it’s time to go to bed”.

“No, Daddy! You’re a boy, I’m a boy. I’ve got a willy, you’ve got a willy: come downstairs with me!”.

Sexual politics? And he’s not even 3!

I think I’m in trouble here…