My Sunday Photo 6/3/16: The Artist



It was nice to have a bit of sun yesterday, so we took advantage!


My Sunday Photo 28/2/16



The cute marks on her nose are from carpet burns inflicted during an indoor gymnastics demonstration, by the way 🙂


My Sunday Photo 21/2/16

Recent gifts from my loving twins!

Ellie wrote out my shopping list for me – her reading and writing is really coming along! Although I did give her a lot of help with spelling.

And later spilt water on it: sorry ’bout that.

Jake gave this little toy – and said that “every orange thing is a kiss from me”.

I love my little nearly 6-year-olds so very much. Sorry to get soppy!




My Sunday Photo 29/11/15: Heisenberg’s Daughter?


She doesn’t watch Breaking Bad, honest! She just likes dressing up and posing!


And there you are: she’s nice, really. No Crystal Meth involved, OK?

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this stormy winter weather.



Great Scott, Jallie! My Sunday Photo 2/8/15

click to enlarge

It was ‘back to the future’ yesterday, when there was a vintage car show and fair here. Of course the car I was most interested in was the only one there that wasn’t actually a real car. Isn’t it great? You can’t see it here but it had all the flashing lights working as well! Jake and Ellie haven’t seen the films so I had to explain it all to them, which prompted a discussion (from Jake) about the possibility of time-travel.

There were also many other amazing cars here: Mustang, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and my other favourite a 100-year-old mint condition Model T Ford.

There were also bouncy castles and other fun things for kids – including free lollipops! – and in truth I didn’t actually manage to spend all that much time with the cars. But we all had a great time.

Now, all we need is 1.21 Gigawatts of power. Anyone got any going spare?



You gotta fight (and work) for your right….to Paaaaaaarty! My Sunday Photo 26/7/15






PS: Just in case anyone doesn’t get the reference…