The Princess and the Poo

Jake was heading on upstairs & asked for my company.

What that actually means is that he wanted me to play music from ‘Frozen’ on my ‘phone while he had a poo. That’s become something of a tradition here. 

After ‘Frozen Heart’ (his favourite) & a little ‘For the First Time in Forever’ Ellie decided to join us.

“Hello Ellie”

“I’m not Ellie, my name is Shakora”

I don’t even know where she gets this one from.
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Doggie Don’t!

We were talking about a new game that Jake & Ellie got for Christmas: Doggie Doo.

Basically it involves feeding pretend doggie food to a pretend doggie then rolling a (real) dice which gives you the chance to get pretend doggie to do a pretend doggie poo. Whoever has the most pretend doggie poo at the end of the game wins.


1-DSC_0441Just what is it about poo that young children find so hilarious anyway?

Ellie however wasn’t convinced.

“I don’t want to play Doggie Doo because it’s too smelly.”

Us: “It’s not real poo, it’s just plastic.”

Ellie: “Oh. Well I think that’s just silly. And quite odd.”

It’s amazing how grown up she can be sometimes!

The game however is actually quite fun, as long as you understand that with 3-year-olds any rules are entirely optional & can be ignored at any time – usually when 1 of them isn’t winning.

And it’s not at all smelly, but definitely very silly!

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Oops! Part 2

Ellie had done a poo & was requesting my assistance.

They’re both toilet-trained but still haven’t yet fully mastered the art of cleaning themselves afterwards – but that’s another story, for another time. Or maybe not…

I came up to see her standing next to what looked like a full roll of toilet paper on the floor.

Unrolled. Very unrolled.

Not for the first time!

“It wasn’t me. Jake did it earlier.”

Jake was asleep & I had no proof either way so I left it.

When the Mummy saw this later she was a little cross & questioned Ellie again. Only this time Jake was around, & when he heard Ellie’s story he was irate & denied it.

“I didn’t do it: Jake did”

“I didn’t!”

“Yes you did”

“No I didn’t!”

And so on…

Jake then came up with: “I saw you do it a long time ago!”

“I didn’t! I did it earlier!”

As they say: Oops…

Move over Colombo, Detective Jake is in town!

I don’t think it was intentional, but his interrogation technique definitely gets results!

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Saturday is a Literary Caption Day!


Well, for some of us this is the only chance we get to catch up on the news & it looks like Jake is no exception!

I’d love to see your captions for it: witty, silly, profound – anything you like!

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It’s good to talk, but does it have to be now?!

Warning: this post may contain traces of poo. 

The twins have quite a Roman attitude towards the toilet. Ellie, in particular, seems to see doing one’s business as a social event.

In the demarcation of duties between me & the Mummy the role of ‘Toilet Attendant’ somehow seems to have gone on my CV.  I think ‘Skilful Negotiator’ is very probably on hers…

When she’s on her throne Ellie likes to chat, with me.

I say “likes to chat”; I really mean “insists on chatting”. She can be very determined: “Daddy, come & have a chat with me! Sit there!”. It is my place to sit on the side of the bath. So we can “chat”.

And actually it’s alright; nice even. She’s mature enough & skilled enough in language now that we can have something like a “So how was your day?” conversation. With a little extra, sometimes uncomfortable, punctuation. And some slightly odd facial expressions.

I’ll ask her what she did today, & what she liked the most. And, after a bit of prompting, she can answer. I still really haven’t got used to my little babies, who for so long could only cry & gurgle, now having proper little conversations with us!

And as someone who isn’t naturally talkative or outgoing it adds extra demands on me, & adds to my skill set. And so is very good for me as well!

Of course the opposite is true too. When the Mummy or I have to answer nature’s call Jallie see it as an open invitation. They really can’t understand why we might want privacy.

Well we tweet from there don’t we? (Or so I’m told). And they don’t have a twitter account (yet) so why not? I guess.

Which reminds me: I really must get that lock fixed…

Wot So Funee?


We were at Monkey Music on Friday. It was noisy, but then it’s supposed to be.

Ellie said something to the Mummy, & they then started to make their way out of the room together.

As she headed out Ellie went up to the group leader & in her piercing little voice, loud enough to be heard clearly over the singing, music & various assorted percussion, shouted “I NEED A POO!”.

To her great credit the group leader managed to keep on singing while trying not to fall about laughing.

You may laugh – I did – but actually she was just excusing herself. Walking out on a group without a word? That’s just rude isn’t it?

She was just being polite!

Makes me kind of proud.