My Sunday Photo: Happy!

We did some chalk art on Friday, & Ellie & Jake seem very happy about it!



My Sunday Photo 6/3/16: The Artist



It was nice to have a bit of sun yesterday, so we took advantage!


Who Needs Hallmark?!

Jake wasn’t feeling well on Friday; nothing serious, and he was fine the next day.

Ellie however was concerned; concerned enough to make him a get-well card

That’s Jake in his own pirate ship, by the way!

In case you’re not fluent in ‘Ellie’ it says “Dear Jake, love you, I hope you get better soon, love, ‘bye”

Definitely a magic moment!

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The Story Behind the Photo

Jake & Ellie, balloons, a clown, the seafront: that was my Silent Sunday Photo yesterday, & a lovely one too I think.

What is it they say? “A picture paints 1000 words”. There are definitely a few words behind this one!

The town we live in was having a ‘Seafront Festival’ , promising rides, stalls & entertainment. There were plenty of stalls alright, & good entertainment, but only 1 ‘ride’ – a sort of long soft-play bouncy castle. Probably just as well actually, as it was £2 for 5 minutes, & of course with us everything is x2!

After an oom-pah band the entertainment was this clown, a Mr T Ricks. He did a great show: he was funny, had great rapport with the kids, made some balloons then did a great ‘Punch & Judy’ show. The twins, & the many other children there, loved it.


We then wandered off for an over-priced lunch in a nearby cafe, then it was back to the seafront where Jake & Ellie selected their promised “1 treat & 1 toy” – both small! – each, the deal which had been thrashed out in earlier negotiations.

Jake found an ‘Angry Birds’ Pez ,which he loved, & Ellie a slurpy licky sugary juicy thing, which she didn’t. They both decided on loud horns for their toys. Oh goody…

I’d forgotten my earplugs! They sounded a lot like Vuvuzelas.

I hate Vuvuzelas!

After getting ‘tattoos’  – free from the lovely Mr Ricks – they decided they wanted to see his show again.

We’d grabbed a couple of (small!) balloons on the way – Jake a Spiderman one, & Ellie an Elsa & Anna one from her beloved ‘Frozen’. They were helium but were wrapped around their wrists so they wouldn’t fly away.

They were sitting down enjoying the show when their balloons become tangled in the wind. I stepped in to untangle them but somehow in the process Ellie’s came loose & flew off up into the sky!

She was very upset. She cried!

The lovely Mr T Ricks noticed, & actually stopped his show for her! He called her up, & made a special balloon, just for her! It took quite a while, & all the time he was making a fuss of her. And it really was a special balloon – a green-stemmed big white flower with a red love-heart inside the petal!

She still missed her ‘Frozen’ balloon but was very happy with her new one. Mr Ricks sir – you are a star!

We then walked back ‘home’. I was leading the way carrying Ellie’s flower balloon, Jake his Spiderman one, & they were tooting on their horns nearly all the way. We were like a mini-parade, & I was a little surprised all the children within earshot didn’t try to fall in line with us! We certainly got noticed!

We paraded all the way to – strange but true – the Library!

They do a weekly reading & crafting session there, 1 of the twins’ favourite activities. They made sparkly fish, & did a ‘monster-hunt’ treasure trail, & really enjoyed it all.

Some trees we prepared earlier!

A great day, including a real Magic Moment, courtesy of a very kind clown!

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The Gallery: Adventure

They’re 4.

I still don’t know how that happened; it doesn’t seem so long ago that they were cute, gurgling, helpless little babies.

And yet it seems a lifetime ago.

But they’re 4.

Their journey into childhood, on life’s great adventure, continues.

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Flashback Friday: A Sunny Medieval Fair!

I always seem to have many more posts that I’d like to write than I have time or energy for.

I often remember great things we’ve done, a lot of the time prompted by looking back at old photos, & find myself thinking “Why didn’t I make a post about this?!”.

Cue Mummy Mishaps’ ‘Flashback Friday’ blog-linky: perfect for those posts that seem to have slipped through the net, or for sharing a memory.

And as an added bonus this post features something we used to have a lot of here, although it seems hard to imagine now: Sunshine! Hopefully something we’ll be rediscovering soon!

Back in August our beloved country park put on a Medieval Fair, & it was a terrific day out for us.

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Art Appreciation

Magic Moments.

Despite my recent travails & stressful Christmas there have been so many!

For instance, this one:

Ellie was drawing a great picture – her drawing & colouring-in have really come on lately. She told us that it was “a lovely flower”.

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A Very Christmassy Adventure

We had a great day out on Saturday, & a rare family foray outside! This autumn we’ve all been taking turns catching one lurgi or another; there’s hardly been a time when at least 1 of the twins hasn’t been sick with something or other so we’ve mostly stayed inside where it’s warm & dry!

Saturday however was special – & luckily for us we were all relatively well – because we’d booked to go to our local country park to see Father Christmas feeding his reindeer!
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Flying Without Wings

They believe they can fly. They (probably) believe they can touch the sky…

They told me they could.

I didn’t believe them.

They then started jumping, quite expertly, from 1 sofa to the other.

It’s actually quite a long way, especially for 3-year-olds.

“See, Daddy: I told you!”

They had their first day back at pre-school today, & it went surprisingly well. When we picked them up they presented us with great pictures they’d made for us.

Just for this week it’s 1 – 3.30, then 9-1 from next week for the rest of the term. The school want them to do a full day to 3.30 but we think that’s too long.

We picked them early so they could have a rest before their first gym class.

They loved it! They really enjoyed running around, stretching & jumping in the warm-up. Then, in a little group of the 4 youngest, they walked forwards, backwards & sideways on the beam, rolled forwards, backwards & sideways down a padded slope, & swung on a rope.

Then: the vault! We were hoping they’d get to do something on that apparatus!

The idea, we saw later, was for them to run up, jump on the spring-board & reach for the vault with their hands. The teachers, 1 on each side, were then to help lift them to a standing position on the vault.

“This should be interesting” we thought as we watched from on high, as Jake prepared to take his run-up.

And away he went! Running faster than any little boy ever should, he hurtled towards the vault. He jumped on to the spring-board: Boing!

So far so good!

Except instead of a neat landing on the vault with his hands, he went hurtling through the air, completely clearing the vault & zooming right over to the other side! A flying Jake!

The last thing we saw were his legs as they rapidly disappeared behind the vault.

The teachers seemed a little concerned, no doubt mentally checking their indemnity insurance & trying to remember who the parents were & whether or not they had many tattoos. Or worse: sharp suits.

We were a little worried, to be honest – but only a little. We’d seen the sofa-jumps!

He was fine. He emerged smiling, & I could imagine him saying – as he often does after a death-defying leap – “I’m awight”.

Now, if someone could just help me get those blasted Westlife (or is it Boyzone? I can never remember) songs out of my head…

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