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Flashback Friday: A Sunny Medieval Fair!

I always seem to have many more posts that I’d like to write than I have time or energy for.

I often remember great things we’ve done, a lot of the time prompted by looking back at old photos, & find myself thinking “Why didn’t I make a post about this?!”.

Cue Mummy Mishaps’ ‘Flashback Friday’ blog-linky: perfect for those posts that seem to have slipped through the net, or for sharing a memory.

And as an added bonus this post features something we used to have a lot of here, although it seems hard to imagine now: Sunshine! Hopefully something we’ll be rediscovering soon!

Back in August our beloved country park put on a Medieval Fair, & it was a terrific day out for us.

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A Very Christmassy Adventure

We had a great day out on Saturday, & a rare family foray outside! This autumn we’ve all been taking turns catching one lurgi or another; there’s hardly been a time when at least 1 of the twins hasn’t been sick with something or other so we’ve mostly stayed inside where it’s warm & dry!

Saturday however was special – & luckily for us we were all relatively well – because we’d booked to go to our local country park to see Father Christmas feeding his reindeer!
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We Love Scooters!

Jake & Ellie love scooting, & they love their scooters.


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Flashback Friday: Ruins Revisited

We went to our country park on Saturday, & walked past the part I posted about in my (first) ‘Flashback Friday’ post, the ruins of the 12th-century Abbey.

It’s sad to see that after all this time it’s still closed off & that nothing seems to have been done.


Still, at least Jake & Ellie got to climb inside a giant stone mushroom thing & pull funny faces. As you do.

BWA-HA-HA-HA!! NOW I RULE THE WORLD!! (Oh no you don’t…)


Then it was on to the fairytale-themed playground, which I must photograph sometime: them carrying the joys & excitement of childhood; me carrying their scooters…

Another fun but tiring day out!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Flashback Friday: 12th Century Ruins & Doctor Who

I recently had an old camera repaired, under warranty. When I got it back however I couldn’t charge it as I’d lost a charging plug & so couldn’t use it!

I’ve had a week of catching up on old jobs & emails & while digging around I managed to find the part & charge the camera.

Not before contacting the repair centre, who then agreed to send me the part “as a gesture of goodwill”. Thanks Nikon! I ‘phoned to say I’d found it, but they just said to keep it when it arrives. It’s nice to know that not all companies give bad service these days.

When it was up & running again I found some great old photos & videos! Despite their age I thought they deserved a place on my blog.

It’s a post that seems to fit perfectly with a blog-hop-linky-thing I’ve just discovered hosted by mummy mishaps called “Flashback Friday”. You basically post about a memory, old or recent, & include a photo or 2 if you wish.

I’m a big fan of nostalgia so it’s a good fit for me & this blog.

These photos are from a trip to the Country Park we love so much from back in June last year, when Jake & Ellie were only 2 1/4.  I well remember coming here with them when they were younger, seeing their joy of discovery & exploration, a sense of wonder on their little faces.

These ruins of a 12th-century Cistercian Abbey there are really atmospheric; you can almost feel the ghosts of the monks who lived there so long ago. It isn’t such a surprise then that it was used in a spooky Matt Smith episode of ‘Doctor Who’, a good one too. It was great recognising the location while I was watching: “Hey: I’ve been there!”.

It’s since been roped off; I presume for safety & hopefully restorative reasons. It’s still closed off without any sign of work, so these photos are actually a bit of a rarity!




The woods around the ruins are just as beautifully atmospheric


…and nearby is a beautiful Victorian Orangery, which was also used in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode


Beautiful photos, history, ruins, family fun, nostalgia & Doctor Who: this is JallieDaddy heaven!

mummy mishaps

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Meanwhile, back at the farm…

Would you believe I’m still catching up on posts I’ve wanted to write since my blogging hiatus in July? Well I am!

On July 23rd we had a great day out at Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo in Pembrokeshire & I think it deserves a post, however late!

The last time we went there it was bitterly cold, & very crowded. Fun: but demanding.

This time the weather was good & there were far fewer people & children to jostle with.

In fact we had the fairground rides to ourselves!

Daddy this is great fun but you really need to get a camera that’s better at capturing moving objects!
Young lady, are your hands on the wheel?!
Young lady, are your hands on the wheel?!
You in front: step on it!
You in front: step on it!
Where are the pedals? There are pedals in Daddy's car!
Where are the pedals? There are pedals in Daddy’s car!

The farm vehicles were a favourite again, especially as there was (a little) less competition for them:

‘ere you, get orff – this is moi tracterr!

Jake & Ellie are both in a phase where they seem to have totally lost interest in animals. Feeding the birds in the lake & seeing the farm animals at our local country park used to be a highlight: they just don’t seem interested now. It’s the same with feeding the farm animals at our local fun farm.

So it was a surprise when the indoor activity that they seemed to most enjoy was milking an artificial cow! I guess it’s because it’s something novel, & that they’d never done before. It’s still odd!

Want some milk, Mummy?

After lunch Jake & I played with remote-controlled boats, & they both played in the indoor adventure & soft-play areas & had a ride on a horse-racing arcade machine. Which we had to drag them away from!

Despite appearances we did actually make the most of the good weather & spend time outdoors. I just don’t have any photos of it! There were more children outside & I’m often a bit reluctant to take pictures of other people’s children.

We had a great time there though. There are several great adventure play areas: big slides, shipwrecked boats to clamber on, assault-course type ones.

While wandering off to find a loo I made a great discovery: go-carts! If they are tall enough children can go as passengers, & Jake & Ellie now are! Jake was more keen than Ellie so the boys headed off for some high-octane action while the girls stayed behind & played in a sand-pit.

There was such a long queue though that they eventually joined us & we all went on together. I was very impressed with their patience in waiting, especially Jake: he must have been waiting half an hour even before the girls joined us! My how they’ve grown!

This was probably the highlight of our whole trip: we all loved it, especially Jake. The carts were really stable; slow enough so as not to be dangerous to young children, but fast enough to be exciting for them.

And we overtook the girls twice: nothing like getting behind the wheel to bring out my competitive side, I guess! We all really enjoyed it.

The one downside was that the website led us to believe that there would be a magic show: it was probably the highlight of our last visit. It hadn’t started yet; Folly Farm’s definition of “school holidays” appears to be different to everyone else’s. The organisers really need to sort this out; it’s not the first time we’ve been misled about the attractions here. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t think you should stick a picture of a tiger on the front of your brochure when you don’t actually have any! It’s not nice to dash the hopes of young children.

Despite that we had a great time & are planning to go again for their Pirate Day at the end of the month. And there’d better be a magic show!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Goslings, rope bridges & zip-wires

We had a very active week last week. So active that I haven’t had much of either time or energy to post about it!

The in-laws were visiting & I had to spend a lot of my time at the old house clearing everything out & moving it here ready for the new tenants. It was a much bigger job than I’d anticipated.

I was around on Saturday though & it was Country Park time!

I’d bravely / foolishly left the buggy behind & taken only their scooters, but we were fine. When they got a bit tired heading back we helped each other out.

We’d got there early as it was dry & sunny & forecast to stay that way. There was a chilly wind there though & that seemed to have kept a lot of people away, so for a lot of the time we almost had the place to ourselves! We caught the first train & it was strange being the only passengers, stopping frequently while the driver stopped to pick up rubbish en route.

It’s definitely spring, at least according to the geese there.

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It made feeding the birds even more fun than usual!



1-DSC00985In the adventure playground the rope bridge had been walled up for several weeks for repairs, much to Jake & Ellie’s disappointment. Today it was up & running again & they headed straight for it.

It’s usually really scary for them; they try to do it by themselves but get scared & I have to help them over.

Not today though! Jake even nonchalantly strolled across using only 1 hand!

1-DSC00992Once across a little air-guitar celebration was called for of course:

1-DSC00997Definitely a magic moment!

It’s amazing to me how they could become so much more physically confident in such a short period of time!

They demonstrated it again this morning, at a nearby adventure playground. They saw older kids on a zip-wire (‘flying-fox’) & decided that they had to do it too! The first time they were too scared, but they went back & absolutely loved it! It was all they wanted to do from then on, stopping only for ice-cream & for a much-needed nap. Jake was even able to pull himself up & jump on without any help from me!

These little guys never cease to amaze me.

Let’s hope they grow up with a bit more sense than their silly Daddy, who chose a very bad time to forget to recharge his camera batteries…

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