Flashback Friday: 12th Century Ruins & Doctor Who

I recently had an old camera repaired, under warranty. When I got it back however I couldn’t charge it as I’d lost a charging plug & so couldn’t use it!

I’ve had a week of catching up on old jobs & emails & while digging around I managed to find the part & charge the camera.

Not before contacting the repair centre, who then agreed to send me the part “as a gesture of goodwill”. Thanks Nikon! I ‘phoned to say I’d found it, but they just said to keep it when it arrives. It’s nice to know that not all companies give bad service these days.

When it was up & running again I found some great old photos & videos! Despite their age I thought they deserved a place on my blog.

It’s a post that seems to fit perfectly with a blog-hop-linky-thing I’ve just discovered hosted by mummy mishaps called “Flashback Friday”. You basically post about a memory, old or recent, & include a photo or 2 if you wish.

I’m a big fan of nostalgia so it’s a good fit for me & this blog.

These photos are from a trip to the Country Park we love so much from back in June last year, when Jake & Ellie were only 2 1/4.  I well remember coming here with them when they were younger, seeing their joy of discovery & exploration, a sense of wonder on their little faces.

These ruins of a 12th-century Cistercian Abbey there are really atmospheric; you can almost feel the ghosts of the monks who lived there so long ago. It isn’t such a surprise then that it was used in a spooky Matt Smith episode of ‘Doctor Who’, a good one too. It was great recognising the location while I was watching: “Hey: I’ve been there!”.

It’s since been roped off; I presume for safety & hopefully restorative reasons. It’s still closed off without any sign of work, so these photos are actually a bit of a rarity!




The woods around the ruins are just as beautifully atmospheric


…and nearby is a beautiful Victorian Orangery, which was also used in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode


Beautiful photos, history, ruins, family fun, nostalgia & Doctor Who: this is JallieDaddy heaven!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Fun & Walks in a Country Park

We went to one of our favourite places on Friday. We try to go there nearly every week, in all but the worst weather, & we never seem to tire of it. My ‘Silent Sunday‘ photo was from there.

It’s a nearby country park, & it’s huge. It has a big stately home (with a cafe) which looks like a castle, a lake full of ducks & swans, a playground with a castle & little houses that recreate nursery rhymes, monastery ruins & a church that date back to the 13th century, a Victorian Orangery, an adventure playground, farm animals, a little child-friendly train & more.

click any image to enlarge

The train was always the first thing: it runs between the entrance & the Castle. They were always so excited wanting to get on on it, & were really upset in Autumn when it stopped for the season, especially Jake.

It’s started again, & yesterday they finally got to go on it again!

But you know what? They didn’t even seem to remember it! I know they were only 2 1/2 when it stopped, but given how much they loved it I was very surprised that they seemed to have forgotten about it.

Once on, Ellie at least seemed to enjoy herself. Jake: apparently not.


Although there was a very cold wind I think he liked it really, & was probably just being a bit silly.


With the train running we went back to our warm weather (ha!) routine of train, cafe, playing on the grass, feeding the ducks & swans, adventure playground, farm animals & walking back.

The walk back is great. The path winds & gently slopes downwards though beautiful woodlands & a over a lively stream. On the way there are wood sculptures made from tree-trunks, & trees sculpted into mushrooms that are perfect for hiding in or jumping on.

This gruesome one is a favourite:


And is very useful for ‘Saturday is Caption Day‘ posts!

Jake & Ellie somehow decided that the croc was very thirsty & spent a ridiculous amount of time pouring the contents of their sippy cups into its mouth, eventually having to be dragged away protesting loudly!

While propping Ellie up there I managed to get in a good photo of the silhouetted trees:


Then the bubbling brook from the bridge:


All in all, a great day: and they both slept like babies in the car on the way home!

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