From the Mouths of Babes and Infants…

It was a difficult time, for all of us, when Ellie was so sick & in hospital with her nasty infected chickenpox.

The Mummy was talking to her about it, saying “It was really hard seeing you so sick in hospital, Ellie”

She straight-away replied: “But Mummy, remember the fun we had in the playroom there”.


Such wisdom from a 4-year-old!

We can definitely learn a lot from even very young children 🙂

For more Magic Moments just click the pic:

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A Positively Positive Post? Possibly

This week for me has been largely about feeling positive. (And no, I haven’t suddenly turned into a Life Coach).

This week for me has been largely about being positive. (And no, I haven’t suddenly turned into a Life Coach).

Things with Jallie are great at the moment; they seem to be competing with each other to walk / talk / run / sing / dance / somersault / write novels / cut the deficit / bring world peace. (Some of those may be slight exaggerations). Every day they seem to come up with something new.

Other things though: not so good. In fact, a bit crap. Things that could easily get me down, & have at times.

So I read Mari’s ’30 Posts of truth – Something you love about yourself‘ at her blog ‘Mari’s World’, part of a project initiated by Kirsten at ‘A Karma Project‘. In her post Mari mentions how 1 of those things is seeing the positive in people.

Then I read Tim Brownson’s ’50 Reasons Why I Suck’ at his ‘A Daring Adventure’ blog. (And yes, he is a Life Coach, but a really good one). The post was a particularly devious way of getting his readers to think of something that they’re great at. He’s great at that sort of thing…

From Kirsty at Imperfect Pages’ ‘Imagination and a Very Cute Baby’ I learnt about Clare Grant’s ‘3 Beautiful Things‘ concept of every day posting 3 things that have made you happy in that day. So I blatantly copied Kirsty’s idea of setting up a Posterous blog for exactly that.

As you may have guessed I’ve been catching up on blog reading a lot this week!

I generally think of myself as a positive person; I at least try to be about my own life. If I’m cynical about something it’s only because I’m being realistic…

I must admit, the main problem I’ve had with my 3BT blog is keeping the list down to just 3 per day. And yes, I realise that could be quite annoying 😉

So how about you? Are you ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’? Or are you like me & have trouble remembering which is which, & just pleased to have a nice drink?!