Shedding some light on the darkness?

I’ve been having camera trouble lately.

First my beloved Nikon compact bit the dust, again, so I had to rely on my – not very good – camera-phone.

Soon afterwards the flash  – among other things – on said camera-phone stopped working. although it still takes reasonable daylight photos.

Then salvation: I found my newly acquired Hudl 2 took pretty decent flash photos!

Until it was lost, in circumstances that are still somewhat mysterious.

It was when I went to use my camera-phone, my sole remaining workable camera, and saw nothing in the viewfinder that I could feel the first wave of despair crashing onto my photographic shore.

Strange though: it still seemed to work in selfie mode! Normal mode: nothing! Hmmm…

Then a penny dropped.

My little Ellie is very creative, and is fond of stickers. She’d found some colourful,metallic,  smiley-face ones and had used them to decorate – yes, you guessed it – my ‘phone.

M’lud, I present Exhibit A:



An offending sticker has been removed; one that covered the camera’s back lens! It’s a shame as I disturbed the colourful symmetry of Ellie’s decorations – or ‘bling’ as she calls it.

So I stumble on with a more-or-less functioning camera, but at least one that’s ‘blinged up’!

In the meantime any contributions to my Camera Fund or my Tablet Fund are most welcome…


Still not hitting anyone!

On Friday Jake came out of pre-school with another “I’m a Star” sticker proudly on display.

Ellie also had a sticker which she, again, claimed was given to her by her friend Rachel, who, once again, wasn’t available for comment. I’m starting to get a little suspicious about this…

The head teacher was there so this time I was able to find out what Jake’s sticker was actually for. Apart from ‘not hitting anyone’, of course.

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Thankful for Small Mercies?

They came back from pre-school today with stickers.

They like stickers.

Ellie had 1 on her nose & another on her mouth. They very quickly blew away in the strong winds, but she didn’t seem to mind. I found out later that she’d taken 1 from her best friend Rachel* who, unfortunately, wasn’t available for comment.

Jake’s was more conventionally placed, on his jumper.

It said “Mrs Smiley* says I’m a Star”.

When I got the chance I asked him about it, along the lines of: “You must have been really good at school today! Is that right?”


“So what did you do that was so good?”

He paused for thought, although – worryingly – not for that long

“I didn’t hit anyone!”

Well, I suppose that is good…

I’m pretty sure he was joking: he had that big, mischievous smile on his face, & when I ask him what he did at school I almost always get “Not anything!”.

However I may need to have a word with this Mrs Smiley*…

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And even the slightly shifty.

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